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How To Build The Perfect Low Dopamine Morning Routine With MUD/WTR

In our fast-paced world, mornings often start with a rush of activities and stimuli that can lead to an overreliance on high dopamine activities. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, can create a cycle of dependency and stress when overstimulated. A low dopamine morning routine, focusing on calming and grounding activities, can help set a more balanced tone for the day.

Understanding Dopamine

Dopamine plays a crucial role in how we experience pleasure and motivation. While it's essential for our well-being, the modern lifestyle often leads to excessive dopamine release, particularly through high-intensity activities and stimulants like caffeine. This can result in a 'high' followed by a crash, impacting our mood and energy levels.

Crafting a Low Dopamine Morning Routine

A low dopamine morning routine involves activities that are less intense and more nurturing, promoting a sense of calm and mindfulness.

1. Gentle Awakening

Start your day by waking up naturally or with a gentle alarm. Avoid immediately checking your phone or email, as this can trigger a dopamine spike.

2. Mindful Movement

Incorporate gentle exercises such as stretching, yoga, or a peaceful walk. These activities increase blood flow and awaken the body without the intense stimulation of high-impact workouts.

3. Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Engage in meditation or deep breathing exercises. This practice helps in centering your thoughts and reducing the need for constant stimulation.

4. Nourishing Breakfast

Opt for a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. Foods rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber provide sustained energy without causing a dopamine surge.

5. Creative or Reflective Practice

Spend some time in a creative or reflective practice like journaling, drawing, or playing a musical instrument. These activities foster a sense of accomplishment and joy without the need for external validation.

MUD\WTR's Low Dopamine Morning Ritual

MUD\WTR's :rise Cocoa is a perfect addition to a low dopamine morning routine. As a lion's mane coffee alternative, it offers a unique blend of ingredients that support a calm and focused start to the day.

Incorporating :rise Cocoa into your morning routine can help you enjoy the ritual of a warm beverage without the overstimulation often associated with traditional coffee. 


Building a low dopamine morning routine is about creating a start to your day that nurtures and balances, rather than overstimulates. It's about making choices that align with a more mindful and grounded approach to life. MUD\WTR fits seamlessly into this routine, offering a healthful and enjoyable alternative to traditional morning beverages. By embracing such routines, we can foster a sense of calm, focus, and well-being, setting a positive tone for the rest of our day.


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Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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